Quick Attach Installation

tractor bucket with quick attach plate welded on

Today I made a video with Marvin, who was going to convert his Kubota pin-on bucket to a Kubota bucket quick attach. He only lives about an hour from me, and I’ve always wanted to show all my viewers how the how a tractor quick attach conversion works. Marvin’s 60HP Kubota – No Quick Attach…

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Why You Need a Tractor Add-A-Grapple


Maybe you’re landscaping your place and want to move some large rocks. Or you’ve got fallen logs you let lie over the summer, and now you want to move them closer to your firewood pile. And all the dead brush around your place needs to be hauled off for burning, or maybe moved to a…

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A Sprayer Too Big Can be Dangerous

 My old friend Mark and I spent some time talking about pesticide use and sprayers. Mark’s an expert on spray and sprayers. He sold chemicals for a company, and he’s also sold a lot of sprayers at S&H Farm Supply in Rogersville, Missouri. That’s where we made a series of videos about sprayers. Lots…

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