Getting the Right Boom When Selecting a Sprayer

sprayer boom

New Sprayer, Right Boom I get a lot of questions about sprayers and using a boom. Take a Look at the Land Champ Sprayers A while back I visited with Mark, a salesman at S&H Farm Supply in Rogersville, MO and an expert on  3 point boom sprayers. He also used to sell chemical for…

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Three Easy-to-Fix Tractor Issues

3-point dial hidden by your seat

I get lots of questions about tractor issues and how to fix them. Here’s three service issues that are really easy to diagnose and fix. In fact, they can be fixed in under 30 seconds! The Loader Won’t Work One of the frequent questions I get is about loaders. Folks complain that their loader just…

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Let’s Talk Grease and Grease Guns

tractor zerk ready for greasing

 I don’t know anybody who really gets excited about talking about grease, do you? But if you grease your equipment, it’ll last longer. And if you’re new to tractors and equipment, it’s important for you to know how to use a grease gun and how to grease your equipment. It’s not a big deal…

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Inexpensive Way to Fix Some Broken Tractor Parts

tractor panel missing parts

 Side Panel or Headlight Bezel Broken on Your Tractor? I’ve had a problem with the side panels on my tractor ever since I bought it. And that’s an expensive repair. A viewer of mine had a similar problem with broken parts, and found a great way for us all to save money with certain…

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