Best Time to Buy A New Tractor

best time to buy a tractor hero

One of the questions I get asked all the time is “When is the best time to buy a tractor?”  If you’re shopping for a compact or subcompact tractor, it might be time to start looking.  Generally the best time to buy a tractor under 100 hp is when there’s too much inventory, and at…

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Now THIS is a Field Sprayer

Land Champ 3 Point Hitch Sprayer Most 3 point sprayers are pretty much alike, but Land Champ Field Sprayers broke the mold! Take a Look at the Land Champ Sprayers I’m pretty skeptical about new products, so when I was contacted by a company who had a “new and improved” three point sprayer, I didn’t…

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10 Tips For Easier Brush Hogging

hero image brush hog blog post

Getting Comfortable With the Brush Hog Most people buying a tractor get some form of three point cutter with it for brush hogging. And yes, they are a little intimidated the first time they use it. Usually it is called a brush hog (or Bush Hog, but that’s a brand name).  In the U.K.  it’s…

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