Features Include :

  • Open Frame Design Allows Great Visibility to Forks
  • 4400lb. Fork Capacity…Much Higher Than Cheap Chinese Forks!!!
  • Heavy Duty Safety Guard
  • Easy-Enter (for skid loader customers) with Tread Guard Plate
  • 10 Fork Locking Positions
  • Frame Width 43″
  • Fork Length 48″
  • Fork Width 4″
  • Universal “Skid Loader” Quick Attach

Find them here for John Deere tractors

Visi Pallet Forks for Universal Skid Loader-Compatible Quick Attaches


“Visi” Pallet Forks for Tractors and Skid Loaders

I had never noticed a great amount of difference in visibility in any set of pallet forks until the “Visi” Forks made by Precision Manufacturing.  They have a large open area in the center that makes seeing where the forks are a lot easier.  That’s especially great for a novice tractor operator, but I’ve been using pallet forks for decades and I appreciate the design as well.  It’s good to be able to see where the forks are without the frame blocking the view.

The forks are rated at 4400 pounds, feel free to compare the lift capacity with the cheap Chinese forks on the market.  Do you really want to trust moving heavy weights around to a fork with 1/4 less lift capacity? Visi Forks also feature a heavy safety guard, and a 10-position rail.  The fork frame is 43″ wide, forks are 4″ wide.

The Visi Pallet Forks are available in 48″ length, this version only fits the skid-loader or Bobcat quick attach system.   YOU HAVE TO HAVE A SKID STEER COMPATIBLE QUICK ATTACH TO USE THESE FORKS!!!  If you have a John Deere 400 or 500 series loader, click here for the pallet forks to fit your tractor.


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Additional information

Weight 416 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 40 × 12 in


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