• Self-adjusting and can grip oil filters and fuel bowl retainers between 2-1/2″ and 4-3/4″
  • Sharp teeth dig won’t slip
  • As it turns, more pressure is exerted
  • Padded handles offer comfortable grip
  • Lifetime warranty



Self-Adjusting Oil Filter Pliers

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When you’re servicing your tractor and need a great tool for easily removing small compact tractor oil filters, or the retaining ring that holds your fuel bowl, get Powerbuilt Self-Adjusting Pliers.

The Powerbuilt Self-adjusting Pliers automatically close to the right size to grip and turn filters or bowl retainers from 2-1/4″ to 4-3/4″ diameter. You’ll only need one hand to use them, the more you turn, the harder they bite.

They’re constructed from laminated steel for maximum strength and stiffness. And the cushioned handles offer comfort and grip to spare.  If you’re trying to use the old style filter wrenches which are not really designed for smaller filters, or using a pair of bulky pliers to try to change your fuel filter, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by investing in the Powerbuilt Self-adjusting Pliers.

And speaking of oil, take a minute to look at our SpeedyFLO Funnels. Comes in a set of four, with 2 vented 10″ and 2 vented 12″ funnels, so you can pour light and heavy fluids. Now oil changes are quick, easy and virtually mess-free.


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