Tractor Tools and Maintenance Products

If you’re a tractor owner, you understand the need for maintenance. There are a lot of maintenance tasks an owner can do. So if you enjoy tinkering with your machine, we’ve got some really hand tools to make your work go smoother and faster. And some of the products we carry, while suggested for tractor maintenance, will work very well on other vehicles. They're even handy around the shop, barn and home. Here’s a quick look at our most popular tools and maintenance products.

Radiator Genie

Own a tractor for a while, and you’ll be an expert on easily the radiator plugs up with debris. Tractors need big fans with a lot of suction to move air through the radiator to keep it cool. And that’s what causes the problem: all that suction. If you can’t keep the engine cool you can expect an expensive engine rebuild in the future. So you need to keep the radiator as clean as possible. Which is not an easy task.

In steps the Radiator Genie! Regular use will keep your radiator fins clean, insuring a long life for the engine. It’s easy to get into the tightest areas around the radiator with the Radiator Genie.

Radiator Genie comes with both water and air cleaning wands for high efficiency cooling systems on all types of vehicles. It’s also incredibly useful around the house: Wash gutters, window wells, and cars, clean your dryer vents and more. It’s our number one best-selling tractor maintenance product.

SpeedyFLO Funnel

Have you tried to pour a large amount of oil through a funnel and made a mess? Here’s the solution to that problem: the SpeedyFLO Funnel. Its patented design features a molded-in air straw to eliminate air bubbles. The air bubble forms when you use a regular funnel, and it's the cause of those nasty splatters. The SpeedyFLO Funnel greatly speeds up the process of changing oil. In fact, it makes oil flow like water. And it works especially well if you buy your oil in bulk or larger containers.

SpeedyFLO is only available in packages of four, because shipping fewer at a time costs the same freight as shipping four. Why waste your money on shipping? Keep a couple extra around the shop, or share with a friend.

Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stop

If you’ve spent any time on this site, you know I am very concerned with tractor safety. The Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stop is a a terrific safety device! We all know how the loader is in the way when we’re working around a tractor engine. And there are often reports about tragedies that occur when the loader accidentally drops. With these safety stops, you can lift the loader all the way to the top of its travel, and the cylinder stops hold the arms safely in the air once inserted.

Made of 7 gauge metal and powder coated yellow, they come in three sizes.Not all loader cylinder rams are the same length, so measure before you order.

These tractor cylinder stops keep you safe and make servicing your tractor engine much easier. They’re a “must have” for the tractor DIY’er. And shipping is included in the price.

We also carry a variety of other tools and maintenance items that are not only useful for tractors, but for other vehicles and for around the home, as well. From compressors to rust remover, oil filter pliers to floor creepers, we’ve got items to make life easier and chores go quicker. We’re always adding new products, so check back with us again soon.