200 Gal. 3 Point Sprayer


Description SLC200 Loaded Weight 1978 lbs (make sure that doesn’t exceed your tractor’s lift capacity) Size (US Gallons) 200 Length 36″ Width 48″ Height 52″ Motor Type Stainless Boom Type Boomless or 20′ Steel Boom Flow Rate (GPM) 8 Pressure...

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100 Gal. 3 Point Sprayer


SLC100 – 1094 lbs loaded (make sure it’s within your tractor’s lift capacity!) Size (US Gallons) 100 Length 27″ Width 44″ Height 48″ Motor Type PTO Pump Type Stainless Steel Flow Rate (GPM) 8 Pressure (PSI) 300 Hose Length 15′...

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50 Gal. 3 Point Sprayer


SPECIFICATION FOR MODEL SLC50 SPRAYER Size (US Gallons) 50 Length 21′ Width 44″ Height 43″ Motor Type PTO Pump Type Stainless Steel 6 Roller Flow Rate (GPM) 8 Pressure (PSI) 300 Hose Length 15′ Spray Distance (Booms) 12′ Spray Distance...

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Three Point Sprayers

We want to introduce you to the Land Champ 3 Point Sprayer.

I have to admit, I was skeptical when I first heard about these sprayers. It seemed to me that sprayers were all the same, and there was nothing perfect about any of them. Land Champ made a believer out of me, though. I'm convinced the Land Champ is the best 3 point sprayer.

These tractor sprayers are not like the ones you usually see. Most sprayers are pretty much alike. They come in a a round or elliptical shape and you mount them back behind the tractor 3 point.

A Land Champ three point sprayer is entirely different. It’s a contoured tank shaped sprayer, tractor hugging and close to the back wheels of the tractor for excellent stability. Now at first glance, that might not seem like a big deal. But, in fact, the weight of the sprayer and the water added together behind your machine can be dangerous on even a slight slope. The Land Champ’s placement right at the back of the tractor and close to the rear wheels helps minimize the risk.

But Land Champ didn't stop there. They put a lot of good design engineering into their other safety features, too, as well as making it easy to clean the tank at the end of the season. They even figured out how to minimize chemical breakdown from the sun's rays.

Other Innovations For Safety and Convenience

And there are other unique features, too. These sprayers were built with operator safety in mind. The sprayer comes with a built-in flush tank, so you can flush it in the field when done for the day. That way, you keep the chemicals out of your yard and living area. Plus, you can also add an optional hand wash tank for safety, which I highly recommend. If you’re spraying without a boom and a wind comes up, you may get a faceful of chemical spray. With the hand wash tank, you can quickly wash up wherever you are on your land.

Another handy feature is pallet fork holes in the frame of these sprayers. Just hook the sprayer onto the fork and move it. There are a number of components that hang underneath the frame, and they can be damaged if you lift a sprayer with a pallet fork placed underneath the sprayer. With this innovation, you can fork the sprayer cleanly and spare the valves or hoses dangling below.

They’ve Even Made Cleaning the Tank Easier

The sprayer tank lid has a wide opening. That means you can look in and see what’s at the bottom when it’s cleaning time. Then, just fit a shopvac hose down into the tank to clean it.

These tanks have one other special feature: they are color pigmented. This protects the chemicals inside against breaking down from the sun’s ray, something a standard white tank can’t.

Booms Make For Accurate Chemical Placement

Need accuracy in spraying? You can order a Land Champ 3 point boom sprayer with a 20’ or 30’ spray boom.

We carry three sizes of sprayers – 100 Gallon, 200 Gallon and 55 Gallon Sprayer. Any one of them will be the perfect 3 point sprayer for a compact tractor..