• WAGNER Rust Converter stop rust immediately and removes deep-seated rust layers
  • Saves time and money , making de-rusting, sandblasting and priming unnecessary
  • Has very low viscosity so that it penetrates all pores
  • Can be used in high dilutions
  • Includes spray bottle for accurate formulation
  • Won’t hurt rubber
  • Works best when all petroleum residue is removed with acetone before using
  • Product solution can be re-used over and over
  • Do not use on painted surfaces
  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves when using and follow safety procedures
  • Made in Germany
  • Price includes freight

Wagner Rust Remover & Converter



THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! If you have rusty tools, parts, or other metal items, simply soak them in Wagner Rust Remover & Converter and they will look like new again! Wagner Rust Remover & Converter contains a strong and concentrated acid compound, it will eat rust away quickly, and it requires that you ALWAYS wear safety goggles and gloves when using it. If the metal contains any oils, grease, or petroleum residue, first spray it with acetone or brake cleaner. Then mix a solution of one part Wagner Rust Remover & Converter and five parts water. Soak the rusty items and you’ll see an almost instantaneous change. The rust will come off and turn into a phosphoric dust while the metal will look like new. It’s a truly amazing transformation! Wagner Rust Remover & Converter also creates a phosphate layer that protects against future oxidation and rusting. The product is ideal for de-rusting hard to reach places like fuel tanks, oil tanks, and other enclosed objects and is great for car and tractor restoration when older parts need to be re-used! Bring old components and tools back to life with Wagner Rust Remover & Converter!

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Size of Container

250 ml with spray bottle, 2-250 ml with spray bottle, BEST VALUE-1 liter


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