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Single Grapple Rake 5′ For Compact And Utility Tractors JD 400-500 Q/A


Traditional grapples do an adequate job of moving brush piles, but most lack the ability to pick up downed limbs and debris. If you’re cleaning up storm damage there’ll be lots of getting on and off the tractor seat. Not so with the 333 Grapple Rake. A grapple/rake design could well be the best option for getting rid of limbs and/or large brush piles without having to leave the tractor operator area. You can not only pick up a huge load with this product, you can actually rake the ground and pile up individual limbs. The opening when the grapple is fully extended is 50” to accommodate large debris piles; and that’s important because the larger the opening the more brush you can load. The single series is available with a single grapples in 60” width.

The Single Grapple Rake is specifically designed for compact and mid-range tractors where weight may be a consideration. It’s built rugged enough to move a lot of debris, but not so heavy that it takes up all of the lift capacity of the tractor. When selecting a grapple, use this as a guide: the weight of the unit itself should never exceed 50% of the lift capacity of the front end loader.

Rake teeth on the Single Grapple are reinforced with tine supports for added strength. Hydraulic quick couplers, hoses, and cylinder guards must be supplied by the customer on single grapple units. The Single Grapple Rake comes with its own built-in parking stand making hooking and unhooking very easy. It takes up minimal space in a machine shed, and that’s a very huge advantage over grapples with long forks.

This grapple rake is generally compatible with 40 hp tractors and larger This grapple rake is generally compatible with 35 hp tractors and larger WITH THE 400-500 SERIES JOHN DEERE LYNCH PIN-ATTACH SYSTEM…THIS ATTACHMENT WILL NOT FIT SKID LOADER-COMPATIBLE FRONT END LOADERS!

If you have a lot of brush to move and want to get the ground really clean with minimal effort when doing it, get the 333S60 Single Grapple Rake!

SKU: 333S60-JD Category:


Features Include:

50″ Grapple Opening
9 Rake Teeth
6″ Spacing of Tines
1/2″ Rake Material

Single Grapple Model:
333S60JD – 60″ Working (not shipping) Weight: 442 lbs.


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