• The patented design combines a bottle jack and a jack stand in one unit so it both lifts and holds.
  • Can lift and supports a variety of auto’s and equipment with a three ton capacity and a lift range of from 11″-21″.
  • The wide and flat base adds stability and reduces “sinking” on softer surfaces
  • Affordable Powerbuilt products meet or exceed ASME and PALD standards
  • The All-in-One Jack features a one year warranty

Powerbuilt 6000 lb All-in-One Uni-Jack

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The All-in-One Uni-Jack is the world’s first and only portable jack that combines the lifting capacity of a bottle jack and the safety of a jackstand in one product.  It eliminates the need to raise equipment with a jack, place a jack stand under it, then lower and remove the bottle jack, and then having to reverse the process to lower it.  It saves time, and a whole lot of effort, while keeping the work area less cluttered.  It’s a must-have for any shop.

The Uni-Jack will work on most equipment and is also a tremendous asset when working on  unibody vehicles with factory-approved lifting points.  With a conventional jack, it’s a challenge to properly lift and hold many vehicles, because once the vehicle is raised, there’s no space to insert a jackstand.

The Powerbuilt 3 Ton All-in-One features an ingenious design that both lifts and holds vehicles and equipment, offering both concave and flat lifting surfaces to accommodate a wide variety of lift points. It eliminates the cost and hassle of a floor jack, it’s easier to lift, move and store and costs a lot less too.  It’s one of those products that when you see it you’ll ask yourself “Why didn’t someone think of this long before now?”

The Uni-Jack All-in-One offers has a lift range from 11 to 21 inches, which makes it perfect for tractors, implements, trucks, SUVs and vans. All Powerbuilt products meet or exceed ASME and PALD standards and this one features a one year warranty.

Here’s a product that works a little like a jack: Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stops. Lift the loader to the top, and once inserted, these metal cylinder stops keep the loader propped safely in place, so you can work around the engine area of your tractor. This is a must have for the tractor DIYer.


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