50 Gallon 3 Point Sprayer – Land Champ by Enduraplas


Size (US Gallons)50
Motor TypePTO
Pump TypeStainless Steel 6 Roller
Flow Rate (GPM)8
Pressure (PSI)300
Hose Length15′
Spray Distance (Booms)12′
Spray Distance (Boomless)30′
Dry/Loaded Weight (lbs)160/577


50 Gallon 3 Point Sprayer



Why buy a 50 gal. 3 point sprayer made by Land Champ?

The traditional 3 point sprayer and the small tractor has always been a dangerous combination. A heavy weight located a distance behind the back of the tractor can reduce traction and add to instability, especially on slopes.  The new Land Champ® three-point hitch sprayer has set a new standard with safe tractor spraying by engineering tractor-contoured counter-balanced tank, the weight of the sprayer and liquid positioned right behind the operator so the load pushes down on the back wheels and actually increases stability.  The design has other advantages as you can  easily monitor and change your boom spraying pressure directly from your seat with the easy-to-reach controls. Each Land Champ® sprayer comes with integrated fork points in the frame for your convenience when moving the sprayer when not in use. It’s the perfect 3 point sprayer for a compact tractor, as well as a larger one.

But that’s not all, most farm store sprayers are an opaque white color that allows ultraviolet rays from the sun to degrade the mixture inside.  Expensive chemicals left for short periods of time can lose their effectiveness because of sunlight.  Land Champaddresses that problem.  By using a neutral pigment in the polyurethane tank, the loss of chemical effectiveness is kept to a minimum.  The tank’s color prevents UV degradation that is common with opaque white designs.

Each Land Champ tractor sprayer  comes with a host of other valuable features, a deluxe stainless steel roller pump, a screw-in lid attached to the machine that won’t blow out in transit,  and the AUTO-DRAIN™ SUMP BASE, a sloped tank design that directs every ounce of spray chemical to the drain and a 15′ hose and gun.

Order your 50 Gallon Land Champ Sprayer with your choice of a 30′ boomless nozzle for economically spraying wide areas, or a 12′ folding boom if you have issues with windy application days in your area.  Select manual controls if you’ll be using the Land Shark on a tractor without a cab; for remote operation in the comfort of your cab tractor order the solenoid control option shown during checkout.

Finally, check out this limited time offer…order now and get the Land Champ Sprayer SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR…FREE!!!  This offer is good in the lower 48 states and for a limited time only.

Compare the new Land Champ three-point hitch sprayer with anything else on the market.  No other design comes close for value, productivity, and ease of operation! In my opinion, the Land Champ is the best 3 point sprayer on the market today.

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Or visit this page to learn more about all the sprayers. 

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