Enduraplas Field Boss Xstream UTV Sprayer with Boomless Nozzles

Easily load and unload your sprayer with integrated fork points built right into the frame. The low-profile tank means extra stability on side hills and helps keep the weight of your liquid close to the ground and your center of gravity low. The tank also comes with a heavy-duty 100% poly hose reel. Easy to wind, the hose reel is constructed to withstand many years of rugged use.



  • LIGHT-BLOCK TECHNOLOGY Algae needs light to grow. This algae-resistant material keeps the sunlight out and the spray liquid pure.
  • SWING-ARM All controls are at your fingertips and within reach from the UTV cab. Hoses are protected and out of sight.
  • SPRAY-COMMAND CONTROLS Select where you want to spray and at what pressure with all controls mounted to the SWING-ARM.
  • EASY-START HONDA® ENGINE Within the first few pulls, this trusty, reliable engine is guaranteed to start. Even after a long winter.
  • QUICK-ATTACH BOOM BRACKETS Built-in boom connection points to save time and hassle when removing and attaching a spray boom.
  • TIME-SAVER FORK-POINTS The built in fork slots makes the entire unit a breeze to lift and load.
  • POLY-FLEX HOSE REEL Unlike steel, this crack-proof, easy-wind poly hose reel will flex before breaks.

Xstream UTV Sprayer Specs:

TANK SIZE (GAL) 60 100
DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) 48″ x 38″ x 23″ 48″ x 45″ x 27″
MOTOR GX120 Honda/4 HP GX120 Honda/4 HP
PUMP Diaphragm Diaphragm
FLOW RATE (GPM) 5.8 5.8
PSI 290 290
HOSE LENGTH 100′ 100′
DRY WEIGHT (LBS) 185 200


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Enduraplas Field Boss Xstream

The Field Boss Xstream is the most advanced UTV sprayer on the market today. From its color pigmented tank that prevents algae growth and material degradation, to its swing around arm that puts controls at your fingertips (not present on solenoid-controlled sprayers), to the standard 100′ hose reel, this is a sprayer designed by engineers who knew how to make a deluxe product with the end user in mind.

The Xstream is powered by a Honda engine, and it, and the deluxe diaphragm pump are at the heart of the sprayer. Because of the pump’s power (nearly 300 psi) the Xstream comes standard with 100 feet of high-pressure hose and a wand with large variations in output. On the “hard jet” setting it provides 30-40 feet of spray, but it can also be dialed back to a fine mist. You can also add air to the water for the mist, which means it can work for spraying delicate flowers. It has an atomizing swirl that gets the mist on the bottom side of leaves while still being strong enough to put out hay fires in the field, or spray inside empty grain bins for bugs. In fact, Enduraplas reports that users are finding all sorts of new uses for this sprayer.

The Xstream’s boomless nozzles provide excellent coverage, up to 30′ on a calm day. For windier areas, equip the sprayer with both a boom and the boomless nozzles for ultimate versatility.

All Xstream sprayers that we sell include an inline mixing system called a jet agitator. It’s designed to help mix the newer granular forms of herbicides. It is constantly agitating the liquid mix, to make sure it’s completely dissolved and ready to spray at any time. Pump and tank gaskets are all Roundup ready for ultimate weed control. The company does recommend, though, that you flush the system and pump after you use that product.

Other user-friendly features include two fill gauges, one on the side and one at the rear, so it’s easy to tell how many gallons of water you have, whether you are filling the tank or applying chemical from in the cab. The lid is located at the side of the tank and is easy to access, much more so than center mounted fill locations. It can also be used to fully drain the tank when needed. The Xstream offers electric solenoid controls in the cab that controls the pressure regulators and run the three back ports. This set-up accommodates the newer UTVs with extended crew cabs.

The tank is available in 60 gallon or 100 gallon size, to meet your specific needs.


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