200 Gallon 3 Point Enduraplas Land Champ Sprayer

With 13′ Poly Booms for Tight Areas

Don’t want to deal with bending steel booms on gates, trees or fenceposts?  Order this version with 13′ poly booms.  With polyethylene booms coupled with the “hit and swing” action, there’s no need to worry if your boom encounters an obstruction in the field.  With the protection the system offers you can spray right up next to poles or trees without fearing damage.  The high quality non-drip nozzles insure complete coverage and even spraying.  You can safely fit through narrow gates with the booms folded.  If you’re spraying in tight areas such as barn lots or paddocks, this is the perfect delivery method for your Land Champ Sprayer!

Please Note: 1978 lbs. loaded (make sure it’s within your tractor’s lift capacity!)


  • FREE SHIPPING (lower 48 states)
  • Stainless Steel Pump
  • Contoured to Back of Tractor
  • Opaque Color to Prevent UV Degradation of Chemicals
  • Pallet Fork Slots in Frame for Easy Movement
  • Attached and Lockable Lid
  • Standard Flush Tank
  • Standard Storage Frame/Lift Kit, for Easy Hookup
  • Standard Fresh Water Wash Tank for Emergencies
  • 15′ Hose Kit w/ Hand Wand Standard/100′ Optional
  • Manual Controls Standard/Solenoid Control Optional (for Cab tractors)

Size (US Gallons) 200
Length 36″
Width 48″
Height 52″
Motor Type PTO
Pump Type Stainless Steel
Flow Rate (GPM) 8
Pressure (PSI) 300
Hose Length 15′ Base/50′ Reel Optional
Spray Distance 13′
Dry Weight (lbs) 290
Loaded Weight (lbs) 1978

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200 Gallon 3 Point Sprayer with Poly Boom


All 3 Point Sprayers now require 16-20 weeks to build and ship due to Covid-related issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the factory to reduce future lead times.

New Three Point Hitch Sprayer

Traditional 200 gallon sprayers sold at farm stores and dealerships have three design flaws. These issues can cause dangerous situations for the tractor driver, waste expensive chemical, and cause unwanted application in living areas. Yuk!  The Land Champ 200 gallon 3 point hitch sprayer solves these problems and many more. It’s a truly unique sprayer, designed from the viewpoint of an operator. The Land Champ is, by far, the safest and most user-friendly 200 gallon 3 point sprayer on the market.

The common 200 gallon 3 point sprayer is an oval shape mounted on a platform that sits way out behind the tractor. That heavy weight hanging out that far back makes the tractor a lot less stable, especially on hilly ground, and can make controls difficult to reach from the operator area.  Land Champ™ addresses that problem.

Most commonly, the 200 gallon sprayer for tractor use is an opaque white color that allows ultraviolet rays from the sun to degrade the chemical mixture inside.  Expensive materials left for short periods of time can lose their effectiveness because of sunlight.  Land Champ™ addresses that problem.

Finally, when the applicator is done using the sprayer, he or she has to drive to a clean water source and manually flush out the sprayer.  If that process happens in your yard with a garden hose, you’re stuck with the smell and possible negative effects on your grass or beneficial insects.  The new Land Champ three-point hitch sprayer solves all of these problems and more.

Land Champ designed their 50,  as well as their 100, and 200 gallon field sprayer with your safety in mind by engineering a counter-balance tank that angles toward the tractor.  That does two things, by having a perfectly weighted design, your tank sits close to your seat and near your rear wheels to enhance, not detract from, stability.  Also, by having the tank close to the operator station, you can easily monitor and change your boom spraying pressure directly from your tractor seat, because the controls are within easy reach. It’s the best 3 point  200 gallon sprayer for a compact tractor.

You’ll also notice the Land Champ is not white and that’s by design.  By using a neutral pigment in the polyurethane tank, chemical degradation is kept to a minimum.  The tank’s color prevents UV degradation that is common with opaque white designs.

Finally, the Land Champ 3 point pto sprayer has a unique built-in flush tank that allows cleaning the sprayer before leaving the application zone.  By rinsing out the residue in the field you’re keeping the active chemical and smell far away from living areas, where it won’t bother you or your family.

Each Land Champ comes with a host of other user-friendly features, including integrated fork points for easy moving, a foldable storage frame, a screw-in lid attached to the machine that won’t blow out in transit,  a deluxe, stainless steel roller pump, the LOCK-VALVE™ FILTER SYSTEM which allows checking or cleaning the tank filter without having to empty the entire tank, CHEM-MIX AGITATION, a standard integrated agitation system which creates a swirl-like motion at the base of the tank and effectively mixes the chemical with the water and the AUTO-DRAIN SUMP BASE, a sloped tank design that directs every ounce of spray chemical to the drain.  Finally, for your safety, they equip all Land Champ sprayers with a standard fresh water hand wash/eye flush tank in case there’s an accidental encounter with dangerous chemicals.

Additional information

Weight 230 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 44 × 48 in
Manual or Solenoid Control

Manual Control, Solenoid Control (recommended for cab tractors)

15' Hose|100' Hose Reel

15' Hose with Rack (standard), 100' Hose Reel (optional)


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