Having gained some useful experience in the equipment world and through establishing this channel, I am available to consult with your business to help you use all of the tools available to be successful. Here are some of the services I offer:

  • Guidance on using YouTube to promote products you offer (whether you’re a dealer or manufacturer). Techniques that work and ones to avoid.
  • EDM-Website development that integrates video into the message. I have a partner who is a master at search engine optimization and website design. Couple a great website with video and you have a sure-fire winner. Think about this, Google decides where your website ranks when people are searching. Google also owns YouTube. Do you think there’s a possibility that a business regularly contributing to the YouTube platform might be considered for higher ranking than someone who is ignoring this gigantic opportunity?
  • Need a speaker for your meeting? I can discuss the successful use of YouTube for any type of business, experiences in the equipment world, or the sales process with emphasis on negotiation. I can tailor a presentation to almost any group. My speaking is heavy on education and humor.
  • Dealership consulting from someone who has been successful in a management role. If you want an advisor to evaluate your business and give you some unbiased guidance, I would honor the opportunity. Sometimes owners and managers just need a set of eyes from the outside to help them see the big picture, uncover solutions to problems that bog them down, and find their own path to success.


Please e-mail me if you’d get in touch and set up a time to discuss booking my services:

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