Now THIS is a Field Sprayer

Land Champ 3 Point Hitch Sprayer

Most 3 point sprayers are pretty much alike, but Land Champ Field Sprayers broke the mold!

Take a Look at the Land Champ Sprayers

I’m pretty skeptical about new products, so when I was contacted by a company who had a “new and improved” three point sprayer, I didn’t expect much. But when they started telling me what they had done to the standard field sprayer, they immediately had my attention.

Unique Tank Shape for Stability

land champ sprayer mounted on tractor Generally, 3 point sprayers are round or elliptical tanks on a flat stand, mounted out behind the tractor three point.The first unique feature of the 100 and 200 gallon Land Champ field sprayers is the tank shape. Because it is contoured, it hugs the back of the tractor. That may not seem like a big deal, but the closer to the back wheels of the tractor your sprayer is, the more stable it will be. Now, it’s not that important on flat ground. But on hills the weight of the sprayer and the water together can make for a dangerous situation. The Land Champ is designed to stay close to the rear wheels which greatly improves stability.

Flush Tank Keeps Chemicals in the Field

sprayer flush tank closeup

The second unique feature of the Land Champ is the flush tank. You heard that right: This sprayer has its own built-in clean water system. No more taking the sprayer into the yard and washing it out with a garden hose near your living area. With the Land Champ you turn a couple of valves and flush it out in the field. That should be required on every sprayer, in my humble opinion.

The Field Sprayer Can Hook on a Pallet Fork

pallet fork openings on sprayerThe third feature of the sprayer is really simple and really handy. The frame has holes in it, and your pallet forks fit into them perfectly. Want to move the sprayer around? No problem. Hook it on the pallet forks without getting into plastic valves or hoses that hang underneath and place it where you want it.It also has a convenient parking stand.

I used to work at a dealership, and we were constantly damaging sprayers moving them around with fork lifts. There were components( mostly made of plastic) that hung below the frame where you couldn’t see them. Get under one of them with the weight of the machine on top and you’d be replacing parts. With the Land Champ you just move your forks close together so they fit the holes.Then you safely move the sprayer anywhere. Thanks to the engineer who figured that out!

Hand Wash Tank For Extra Safety

Finally, the Land Champ has a hand wash tank mounted on the side that the operator can access anytime. Let’s say you’re spraying with a boomless nozzle and a sudden gust of wind blows it in your face. You can hop off the tractor and wash the spray off with the fresh water in the tank. It comes as an option on these sprayers, and I highly recommend equipping every one with it, just in case.

Big Sprayer Lid with Wide Opening

tank lid has large openingAt least once a year you have get down in that tank and find any debris left in the bottom. If you leave the debris there, it’s going to get into the water when you fill the tank. And then it’s going to go through your filters and try to go out your booms. Most sprayers have little bitty openings on the tank, and you can’t really see what’s down in the bottom. This tank has a nice big opening, so you can see what’s down there and then fit a shopvac hose into the tank and clean it all out.

Booms Are Important

sprayer with folding boomsBooms are probably one of the most important things you need to decide on when you’re buying a sprayer. Booms are great if you’ve got a need for accuracy. This sprayer has a folding 20 foot boom, a nice size for the tractor and the sprayer. Of course, in a howling wind you just can’t spray. But in a mild wind these folding booms put the nozzles just above the ground. That will put the spray right down where it needs to be. Learn more about booms here.¬†

If accuracy is not important to you, then a boom-less nozzle is a nice feature. it’s less expensive than the boom, takes up less space in the garage, and there’s almost no chance of hooking it on something and tearing it up. The boom-less nozzle sprays in a fan, covering as much or more than most booms. You can expect twenty-five or thirty feet on a calm day, but on a windy day you could get drift. Order it with the boomless nozzles, or with either a 20′ or 30′ spray boom.

Another special feature is that the tank is color pigmented, so the sun’s rays won’t break down chemical the way it will with a white tank.


You still have to care for your pumps, because winter is tough on pumps. You’ve got to get all the liquid out, then winterize the pumps by running some RV antifreeze through there.

I’ll say this again: The Land Champ Field Sprayer is the most perfect 3 point¬† sprayer for a compact tractor that I’ve ever seen. It’s available for sale on my website in three different sizes: 100 Gallon Sprayer, 200 Gallon Sprayer, 55 Gallon Sprayer

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