50 Gallon 3 Point Sprayers

All 3 Point Sprayers now require 12 weeks to build and ship due to Covid-related issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the factory to reduce future lead times.

Why Choose a 50 Gallon Sprayer?

When you’re selecting a three point sprayer, you need to consider the size of the acreage you’ll be working on, as well as the size and power of your tractor. Water is heavy at eight gallons to the pound, so you need to calculate how much weight you’ll be hauling behind your tractor. Too much weight behind you can be dangerous on hills. But a sprayer tank that is too small for your acreage means you’ll be spending wasted hours on refill runs.

Rule of thumb: Figure 15 gallons of chemical per acre to help you determine what size sprayer will work best for your situation.

Five Land Champ Sprayer Configurations

Land Champ offers their 50 gallon three point sprayer in five different configurations. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a 50 gallon three point hitch sprayer in a number of configurations.

A 50 gallon boom sprayer can come with steel booms or poly booms, or both.  If you’re looking for a 50 gallon spot sprayer, you probably want one with just boomless nozzles.

If you do a mix of different types of spraying applications, you’ll probably want to  purchase a 50 gallon sprayer with booms and nozzles included.

How They Differ

A boomless sprayer usually has one or two nozzles that you can point out sideways or tilt up slightly. This allows you to spray out to the sides for further coverage.

A 50 gallon sprayer with boom comes with multiple spray tips evenly spaced along both boom arms and pointed straight down towards the ground.

Advantages of Boomless Spraying

Boomless sprayers are easier to maneuver, making it easier to spray around objects like poles and fences. They work well around ditches and rough/uneven ground. Without a boom, you can do your best spraying in orchards, or in pastures with trees. They are also the choice when spraying overgrown areas, in the woods or on trails, or mosquitoes around your yard.

Because they spray directly on the ground, the boomless sprayer’s output is less effected by wind, and offers more accurate spraying with better coverage. Boomless spraying also minimizes excessive overlapping.

Additionally, they need less maintenance, which mean saving time and money. And they are easier to store because of their smaller size. A boomless unit is also easier to monitor while you are spraying.

When to Spray With a Boom

There are times, however, when a 3 point boom sprayer is the best way to go. They are most appropriate for field spraying, for use in even and level pastures, and for food plot forages. They will work when there is no wind or a slight breeze, but can be problematic if the wind picks up.

Take a look at our selection of 50 gallon sprayers to see which one is best for your use. Or view our larger sprayers if that's what you need.