200 Gallon 3 Point Sprayers

All 3 Point Sprayers now require 12 weeks to build and ship due to Covid-related issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the factory to reduce future lead times.

Thinking About A 200 Gallon 3-Point Sprayer?

The 3 point hitch sprayer comes in a variety of sizes and styles. Before you invest in one, take some time to think about the size of the acreage you plan to spray.

Any handheld pump sprayer will suffice for a small lawn, paired with the chemical of your choice.

But if, on the other hand, you’re spraying a food plot (for either human or wildlife consumption) you also need to consider where the plot is located and where you want and do not want- your chemical to go.

And, of course when you’re considering a large sprayer, you need to include the size of your tractor in your thinking. Is your tractor large enough and powerful enough to haul  the weight of a loaded 200 gallon tractor sprayer? Water is eight gallons to the pound, so if you are thinking about buying a 200 gallon 3-point sprayer, you’ll be adding an extra 1600 lbs. behind your tractor. Can your tractor handle that?

Choice of Sizes

Sprayers come in sizes from 50 gallon to 1,500 gallon tanks.  While anything up to 300 gallons can be a three point or a pull type, anything above 300 gallons should be reserved for pull type only.

Is your acreage flat or hilly? Depending on the size and power of your tractor, a 200 gallon 3 point hitch sprayer tank behind your tractor might push you down the hillside or lift your tires off the ground when you head uphill. Carefully matching tank size and tractor power will add to your safety when spraying.

On the other hand, if you get a tank that is too small, you’re going to spend far too many hours refilling for each new run. Figure on spraying fifteen gallons per acre, and you can probably determine what size sprayer is your best choice.

Safe Tank Shape

Aside from size considerations, think about where the tank will sit.  Land Champ’s 200 gallon  3 point sprayer tanks keep the weight closer to the tractor wheels, enhancing safety when spraying up steep hills. And their low profile adds to their safety, as well.

Simple Attachment System

A universal system that can quickly attach to all tractor brands is very much a plus, because all tractor hitch systems vary in size. And whether you have several tractors, or will be trading your current one in at some point, you want to be ready to go when it’s time to break out the 200 gallon 3pt sprayer.

Pressure Control

This is an extremely crucial aspect to look for in 3 point hitch sprayers. Excessive liquid blasted from a 200 gallon field sprayer can damage your plants. On the other hand, excessively low pressure might mean the liquid won’t ever reach your. You need to find the sweet spot between the two.

And if you have a system like Land Champ’s, that lets you control your spray pressure from your seat, you don’t even have to get off your tractor. Easier on your body, and a real time saver!

Tank Drainage

Depending on your spraying needs, it’s probable that you’ll be using more than one chemical with your 200 gallon sprayer. Without a drainage system, farmers can’t empty their 200 gallon sprayers, and might end up mixing 2 kinds of chemicals that should not be mixed. To solve this problem, a sump in the tank’s base lets you remove all liquid and start fresh.

Agitation System for Properly Mixed Chemicals

Sprayer chemicals must be thoroughly mixed to avoid uneven spraying results. All tanks on three point hitch sprayers should come with an agitation system at the base of the tank to continually ensure that the chemical and water swirl and mix. This is often an optional feature, but one that you probably want to include.

Chemical flush system To Further Ensure Proper Applications

A new option on your 200 gallon sprayer for tractor use is the separate freshwater tank. This tank allows you to completely flush the chemical from your plumbing lines and booms. This means the lines are clean and ready whenever you’re ready to start work. You won’t run the risk of ruining a new batch of chemicals prior to application.

Boom Attachments

When looking for a 200 gallon 3-point sprayer, be sure to consider which boom attachments you’ll need. In fact, you may want to own a steel boom, a poly boom, and a boomless nozzle kit to cover all your spraying needs. Since each of these vary in size and purpose, know where and what you’re planning to spray before purchasing your new equipment.

Algae Resistant

Enduraplas was one of the first companies to implement the colored sprayer tank. White tanks – the old stand-by- let sun through. That means potential algae growth inside the tank, which acts as a contaminate. Having a colored tank blocks the sunlight and eliminates the algae problem.

Ease of Installation and Use

Before you purchase, understand how to install your sprayer and how it works. A sprayer unit that is hard to install and difficult to use is frustrating and a time waster.   Be sure the 3 point pto sprayer you buy has a reasonable usage and installation process.

Easy to Move

When growing season is over, you have to un-hitch your 3 point sprayer and move it into storage.  That can be a difficult task, but the Land Champ sprayers have conquered the problem with integrated fork points that make this task easy.

Think you might need a smaller sprayer?